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Our Value Proposition

Patents are applied and issued to ensure and protect the uniqueness of an idea or product. So when you apply for a patent then it is very critical that your application has the most accurate detail of your innovation. There should be never margin of error or room for misinterpretation. So the value of a patent, for better or worse, is related to the likelihood that it could be successfully enforced in litigation. So the only way you can assure that is to include a professional illustration that adheres to the USPTO guidelines.

TPIS will ensure that your patent is accurately and clearly communicated with an illustration so there are no gaps in any infringement.

  • Highly experienced Draft team with Proven expertise with over 30000 illustration generated so far
  • Quickest turnaround for illustrations with best price in market
  • Most Advanced technology and app for easy access and a very rich user experience on a cloud server with unlimited storage*
  • Your marketplace platform to find innovators and trusted and verified patent attorney/agent

About our Company and Team

Our mission statement: To provide innovators, patent agents and patent attorneys a safe and user friendly platform to be able to file a patent with absolute clarity.

After drafting over 45,000 patent illustration, our draftsman team comprises of the most experienced resources, with each draftsman having an average experience of over 10 years. What makes our team unique is mix of technology and design resources. The technology and the infrastructure of a highly secure facility with biometric secure access and no data storage devices being permitted to maintain the confidentiality of the patent, which is the most critical part of a patent.

Our skilled drafting team which has some of the high end software and systems at their disposal to ensure the attention to detail for a clear and crisp illustration, which will ensure that there is no ambiguity in the design of the patent.

Our proprietary process for the patent application process is one of its kind and enables us to achieve our goal of becoming a indispensable partner to the patent ecosystem.


A picture speaks a thousand words.” That ancient adage certainly holds true in the case of patent drawings.

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A picture speaks a thousand words.” That ancient adage certainly holds true in the case of patent drawings. An invention can often be more easily explained through drawings than in reams of description

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